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Among the Ruins


(Credit: AP)

FEMA, Red Cross, Bloomberg ignoring Staten Island as city recovers from Hurricane Sandy, borough residents tell WFB

By Mary Lou Byrd

The death toll from Hurricane Sandy continued to climb in New York as more bodies were recovered in Staten Island over the weekend amid complaints that the federal government and emergency agencies are doing little or nothing to help storm victims.

Some residents are even saying they are the “forgotten borough” of New York City.

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg had planned to hold the NYC Marathon on Sunday, the starting line of which is in Staten Island. However, after widespread outrage from residents, local officials, and even the media, Bloomberg announced late Friday the marathon would be cancelled.

Bloomberg tried to avoid questions about the marathon during a press conference Saturday night, but finally said it “became a source of dissension and we don’t need that right now. … When it became a divisive issue, I just made the decision that it should not go on.”

While Bloomberg claimed earlier in the week that no resources would be diverted to the marathon from hurricane victims, he said at Saturday night’s press conference that 600 medical blankets and 10,000 cases of water from the marathon would now be sent to Midland Beach in Staten Island.

Bloomberg’s decision to hold the marathon, according to Staten Island resident Vince Accetta, “was an absolute disgrace.” After hearing the mayor cancelled it, he said, “Thank God he did. We need police presence here. There’s no power, no traffic signs, and a lot of looting going on.”

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Get Out the Conservative Vote!

I am creating Micro-Precincts within the 11 precincts in my Ward (about 1/4 of my city of 55,ooo.) These Micros usually average 66 HOUSEHOLDS. Delightful neighbor did the detailed breakouts listing houses, I did phone look ups, but the core data about our neighborhoods is complete!

The multi-colored map is posted on an old cutting board, 55 routes are being taken by neighborhood volunteers.  Our goal is to practice this technique  for our Council Ward seat, and then be ready for Primaries/Presidential election 2012.  The extensive Tea Party network was easy to mobilize.  We are done rallying and are now walking/talking to the “No Longer Silent” majority.

Valuing my volunteers’ time, I will have all the literature sorted and labeled in gallon baggies, route maps for 2 people in each bag! All these years of reading, evaluating, and fine tuning Eagle Scout Service Projects, is bearing fruit on my own “PROJECT- Get out the Conservative Vote” 

Today I am calling to ask permission for yard sign placement.  Reading through the voter registrations, I was amazed at the disproportionate amount of (D) and (I)s along major roads.  Yard signs are being placed strategically to allow most bang for minimal bucks, so I will be calling the (I)s, too.  

The candidate, http://www.lisacrosley.com , is going door to door in our 40% (R) precincts.  Lisa will be shaking hands and talking property taxes.

If you have started similar conservative vote projects in the Nation, let me know.  I would love to talk with you about you method, we can learn from each other!  

Outside the Tax Box

Am going to need a lot of input from the Financial Officers of small businesses through large corporations to verify and validate my tax proposal.  Please give general numbers and information to supplement my data base.

Embracing the basic premise that everyone should be in charge of their personal well being. For purposes of the following argument, all who are compensated for their work/ownership are considered workers.

To encourage self-responsibility, every worker would receive their complete compensation package. The worker would be responsible for his/her own retirement or unemployment planning, health care insurance or long term medical care purchase, disability insurance coverage through savings/purchase. 

No Federal, State, or Local taxes would be garnered on any wage.  Employers or small business owners will not send any money to the different levels of government.

  1. Businesses will be able to streamline payroll departments.
  2. Taxation departments in large companies no longer concern themselves with any domestic tax structures.
  3. Entire levels of county, state and federal workers compensation are eliminated.  Current clients are grandfathered but encouraged to 

Taxes are paid by anyone or any business that makes a purchase on ANY product or service.

  1. Everyone and every business is vested in the tax structure and thus has a vested interest in how taxes are spent.
  2. All sales/services transfer the tax collection amount through weekly transfers to treasuries on the three levels of local, state and federal government for paid in full transaction and for any partial payments.

The tax would total 10%:

  •  4% paid to local school and municipality
  •  3% dedicated to state government
  •  3% dedicated to federal government

Those that own multiple homes (vacation - lake front, etc) would need to dedicate an additional percentage to their ‘other’ residences.  I am sure I will receive good ideas on how to implement and how this would impact your business.

TEA Party Needs to Stay in Two Party System

The political discussion about the TEA Party continues to ask the question about creating a third party in our current system.  I am not a fan of this approach and want to share my thoughts on why.

Am taking a 12 week course on the Constitution, and last night we covered the Executive Branch (Article II.) A little bit on the rules of the Presidential Game before I discuss the 3rd party impact.

  • The citizens by popular vote decide on how their states electoral college votes are to be cast.  Each state’s electors equals the total number of Senators(2) + Congressman.
  • Electors are normally pledged to support candidate who carried their state, but sometimes violate the pledge.

After one (1) vote of the Electoral College,

IF NO Candidate receive a majority, then CONGRESS decides who will be President.

  • The House chooses the President from top 3 electoral college candidates.  Each state casting one vote as majority of that state’s Congressmen desire.

Given ‘the perfect storm’ during the 2012 elections, the

  • TEA PARTY could collect 40% of the electoral votes
  • Democratic Party would collect 40% of the electoral votes
  • GOP (Republican) Party would have the remaining 20%

NO PARTY would have the majority required to elect a President from the Electoral College. Thus the House of Representatives would vote AS each state’s majority DESIRED!  If the TEA Party did not have a majority of the Senators and Congressmen in 26 of the 50 states, they could not win the election and have their candidate as President.

A lot of effort for an impossible outcome of a conservative TEA Party candidate as President of the United States in 2012.

The current mind set of positioning candidates in Senate and House races for 2010 that are constitutionally based, financially conservative, and national defense supporters, is a great tactic.  Ensures that the Congressman who could have to choose the President will consider the conservative agenda and vote that lone state vote for the conservative candidate.

My wish is that both the Democratic and Republican parties are infiltrated, overwhelmed, and eventually overtaken by constitutional conservative members.  The third party should be embraced by the progressive/liberal agenda for mathematical probability would insure that a progressive candidate would never again hold the office of President of the United States.

Help for Tea Party Candidates

Faith Leighton is a true patriot,helping the candidates to win this May primary and fall election.  Please pass on information to your favorite candidate!


Hello All,

Some of the people in this group know me from posting on reteaparty groups. I’ve been working on this project with a couple of fellow patriots (one from FL and one from VT) for some 10 months on and off. At any rate, the three of us have formed a new division of Darkstar Incorporated (home of the Congressional Hammer) called the American Center for Constitutional Government. We formed this division for the express purpose of showcasing grassroots/constitutional/conservative candidates for the upcoming 2010 Congressional Elections. Here is the link to our Candidate Video Showcase: www.acfcg.com. Please note that we are still developing, but the site is live.

Here is Darkstar’s site: http://www.darkstarincorporated.net/online/acfcg.php (video showcase on this site being transferred over to the .com as I write this). Be sure to play the Mark Rubio video on the .net site to see how the media center will work once it is transferred to the .com site. This is our way of helping to level the playing field so grassroots candidates can compete. Many of them do not have lots of funds in their coffers and they don’t have big party backing or backing from special interests.

The CMS (Content Management System) running on the back end is in BETA and scheduled for version release in June. Again, please note the site is now live, much to the chagrin of my developer! There Typically, a website is developed, tested in a controlled environment, and then launched. We are doing it live because we know that primaries for some states are held in May. When it is finally done in a few months, it will knock your socks off as there is nothing out there like it. Technology is cutting edge, and we have many plans that I will share with you later. These plans could quite possibly revolutionize the election process. The main thrust of the American Center for Constitutional Government is to educate the voter in every way possible…that is the ONLY way we will get our Republic back and then be able to maintain it. You can’t have a government by the people for the people if the people aren’t involved and educated on the candidates and the legislation being proposed. ACFCG aims to change that!

We are marketing to a target audience…conservative groups, tea party groups, tea party PACS, conservative PACS, etc. ACFCG will have a presence on social networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, Ning, and LinkedIn. Further, Darkstar already has over 4,100 subscribers and they are growing every day. We are utilizing the most effective methods of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to move higher up in rankings.

Videos are housed on our own secure servers and are not taken down unless you tell us to. Yes, you can put videos up on YouTube for free, but they aren’t as secure as on our servers. Try a search for “conservative candidates” or “grassroots” candidates on YouTube and get tons videos in return…no rhyme or reason. Our site will be searchable by state as we add more candidates. We will also link to the candidate’s website with a reciprocal link to ours…which gives both our sites more hits and moves us up higher in the search engines.

I stream Glenn Beck in the AM…he had a caller on this week asking the question, “Where do we go?” How do we know which candidates we should back and vote for? We’re all busy, and as a frustrated voter who spends hours trying to get information on candidates and issues before I got into the voting booth, I hope to provide voters with the information they are searching for…all in one place.

Like many of the tea party activists, my partners and I all have day jobs. Like you, we are burning the candle at both ends to get this out there, and we are developing it live because we just couldn’t wait until the full version release if we are going to help grassroots candidates get the exposure they deserve.

We’re focusing on congressional elections for the 2010 cycle but if you know of any state or local candidates you want to see showcased, please send me their contact info and I get with them. My email address is fleighton.acfcg@gmail.com. I know we can make a difference and get the word out on these grassroots candidates. Take a peek and let me know what you think. Please help spread the word folks…let’s make a difference!

Faith Leighton, President
American Center for Constitutional Government

My First Fifty Years

I wonder, was the ground covered in snow when I was born 50 years ago?  My Dad called this morning.  Hearing his voice filled with birthday wishes was sentimental and yes, even fun.  He swears he is not old enough to have a daughter who is 50!  Have not talked to my Mom, yet.  They sent me a Colossal Gram that takes up an entire wall in my dining room.  Feeling the love from my facebook friends, too.

While having my hair cut this week ( and colored), my hairdresser, Mary Jane Hughes, commented that I would be going downhill now.  With my most sincere voice, I communicated my thoughts.  I am still climbing the hill- I’ll do that over the hill stuff when I am 90!  I still want to see Machu Pichu, see the interior of China, visit Rome, canoe through the Ozarks, and hike through the blue bonnets in hill country of Texas.  This is the short version of my ‘bucket list.’

During the first 21 years, I swam with the sharks in John Pennenkamp Nat’l Reef,  hiked in Monongahela Nat’l Forest, backpacked in Colorado, skied at Washington’s Steven’s Pass, watched humpback whales breach on Alaska’s Intercoastal waterway and saw my reflection in the cold glacier waters at Lake Louise, Canada.

The next 14 years were spent with the joys of having a family.  Mark and I have created five bundles of joy.  Each has broadened our lives, enriched our souls, and deepened our love.  People have always looked at us like we were crazy when we say we have five.  But think about it, who would we ever envision not being part of our lives?  5sahandful is the correct twitter name for me as I truly believe God gives you what you can handle, and five was definitely a handful!

The next 15 years leading to today have again included the outdoor activities that I love,  You won’t find me at a shopping mall, but you would find me at the National Park or local cultural activity.  Boy Scouts of America, which turns 100 today, has allowed me to reconnect with the outdoors.  I figure I’ll need about 6 more years to finish my Boys Scout experiences, and then…

… well , you won’t find me on a golf course!

A picture is worth a thousand words!

A picture is worth a thousand words!

Winter Commencement Purdue University Dec 20, 2009

Illegal Aliens

We are a country with such large holes in our border, that I shudder to think about the 15 MILLION illegal aliens in this country.  In 2010 we will conduct our national census, the census counts ALL PEOPLE - not just citizens.  Perhaps the time has come for our County Sheriffs to remove all illegal aliens from our country.

How do counties accomplish this zero tolerance level?

  1. The citizens of each county demand that their sheriff remove all illegal aliens from their community.
  2. Special Court Sessions would be held to expedite this process.  An individual is either in the United States Legally or he is not.
  3. If found guilt of being in the USA illegally, men, women and children (10 years and older), will be fingerprinted, DNA samples gathered, and retinas scanned.  This information will not be used against anyone if at a future date they seek legal immigration.
  4. A one way ticket is purchased to fly illegal aliens to their home country (or largest airport nearest their home town.) Although appears costly, please consider this a one time offset against the financial strain placed on our police and emergency health care system by illegal aliens.
  5. All illegal aliens will receive in their primary language a verbal and written summary of the consequences of entering the USA in the future without using legal means.
  6. If a 2nd illegal alien charge is proven, the individual is to be considered a terrorist punishable by a death penalty.

This is intended to start the conversation, not be the ultimate solution.  As I find more information, I will revise.  Secure our borders!

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